Space design

Shops, points of sale, flagships, offices, agencies, branches, service areas…

For all your creation and renovation projects for sales or professional locations, our teams listen to your expectations and take into consideration any operational issues tied to your activity.

A Space Design Approach Focused on Your Specific Needs

Our teams use a Design-to-Cost approach. Programme, site characteristics, scheduling, targeted budget… Whatever your constraints, as a general contractor we provide you with a comprehensive answer founded on the ‘Design & Build’ model.

From a Results-Driven Culture to Respecting Your Space Design Objectives

Key Account Managers, Project Managers, Designers: our teams steer your space design, renovation and rollout operations with the same results-driven culture. Supported by a national network of certified partner companies, Espace 4 Space Design dynamically fine tunes your projects, again as part of the ‘Design & Build’ model.