A Tasteful Installation in the Heart of Lyon !

From vision to missions

Apply the brand’s concept using technical and visual elements that ensure customer comfort.

Specialised in serving fresh products, the Belgian company EXKI have a number of restaurants, especially in that country’s major cities. Their trademark? Bright and soothing architecture, refined style and elegant decoration.

To envelop their customers in a unique sensory experience and ensure the success of their concept in Lyon, EXKI asked us to help. As well as all renovation work, our teams focused on adapting and emphasising the brand’s visual identity using decorative elements and custom-made furniture.

Lots of wood, big windows, natural colours and plants… Our decoration teams really brought the brand’s mindset and values to the fore. The result is an exquisite location with a real feeling of serenity on the menu !

Lyon République Lyon République
4 months 4 months
415 sqm 415 sqm