We step back to see further and provide better support during the life cycle of your property portfolio.

For over 30 years, Espace 4 has mobilised perfectly integrated trade expertise to create, lay out, design and renovate your sales and service spaces.

Our purpose lies in our overall vision and ability to make our different trades interact smoothly.

Because without an overall vision, technical mastery means nothing.

Comprehensive Expertise
in Creation and Execution

As a general contractor for designing buildings open to the public, Espace 4 has provided unique expertise in creation and execution since it was established in 1988. Originally focused on the retail sector and in particular in designing stores and bank branches, the Group has been diversifying over the years into new areas such as daycare design, hotel design and renovation and restaurant design for major national and international chains.

Custom-made furniture
is the Core of our Expertise

A historic player in major service projects, Rousseau Agencement helps head offices and work environments to evolve using a complete and personalised space layout solution for dedicated areas. From idea to object, our internal teams (designers, engineering offices, project managers…) transform advisors’ needs into reliable and quality technical solutions. We take into account economic, logistic and technical constraints and our own teams install, guaranteeing that we master your space layout from A to Z.

Renovating Your Space
without Interrupting Your Activity

As well as our historical activities, and to meet the growing need to control works budgets, we have also developed a specific Remodeling offer (revitalisation or partial renovation of sales and service spaces). Focused on visual upgrading or applying a new concept or customer path, this service managed from the ‘field’ makes it possible to renovate an entire portfolio over a short time period while staying open for business and not penalising your activity.