Custom-made furniture

Recognised for its taylor made or custom made furniture since 1963, Rousseau Agencement is your partner for all your interior layout projects.
You can count on our expertise and commitment for service projects, specific manufactured furniture and small or medium batch furniture manufacturing for sales networks.

Our Team is Here to Serve Your Image

To make sure that your stores, offices, agencies or restaurants look like you and you only, you benefit from our experienced team’s expertise in designing, integrating multiple materials and manufacturing custom-made furniture for your spaces. Welcome counter, screens, wall decoration, bookshelves, cupboards and storage, bars, cabins … Our talented teams bring them to life on paper and give them shape in our own workshops.

With our partnership approach, Rousseau Agencement helps you throughout all steps of your project. We methodically analyse your specifications to bring you relevant answers that are aesthetic, technical and functional, and that respect your budget. From idea to object, from design to installation, we always keep your full project as our reference point and bring your desires to life with the greatest precision.