A galloping horse upgrading !


Design either custom-made and small series furniture for a Premium bank branch.

Located in Versailles, a few meters far from the Castle, in an exceptional area, the Bank Palatine agency is the first flagship based on the new brand concept, designed by Espace 4.  The furniture to design and manufacture had to meet the high brand’s expectations.

From design to layout, Rousseau Agencement team worked hard to create a line of products, expressing Banque Palatine DNA : art, creativity and excellence.   

Products can be splited in 3 main categories : single-work, small-volume production, and custom-made storage furniture.

The  single-work furniture : a black diamond-shaped sculpture, representing the core concept identity,  is located in the entrance area, close to the lounge. It emphasize our teams expertise, through the structure details : inclined assemblies, finishing touches variations – glossy, extra mat – and engraved logo.

Small volume production : a whole set of furniture dedicated to reception areas and work stations –including cables management and connections- has been designs and manufactured  on a small-volume production basis, in order to be duplicated to the following projects.

The custom-made furniture : Designed to optimize  storage capacities, and to integrate the various digital supports  used by the staff.

As a result of this layout project, a fully integrated digitalization thanks to furniture design, and a bank agency that reflects a Premium image in the heart of the “Sun King” city !

Versailles Versailles
2 weeks 2 weeks
350 sqm 350 sqm