Publicis Parisquare

Good Office Design and Layout is Essential !

From vision to missions

Manage a large-scale tertiary services layout project, and be the driving force behind the technical design of the works entrusted to us.

This is without doubt one of Rousseau Agencement’s biggest jobs in recent years: creating the office layout for Publicis’ Parisquare campus.

This massive project, featuring 22,500sqm that welcome 1,600 employees, involved the design, production and installation of custom-made furniture. Storage cupboards, bookshelves, boxes… We had to create everything from A to Z.

Our engineering and design office handled the technical design. It defined and confirmed the choice of materials, assembly and finishing touches on all the furniture that was built.

Close to 2,000 hours of manufacturing, 20 deliveries and 2,500 hours of installation were necessary to create the 120 custom-made pieces that were designed and installed as part of this operation!

This project is the result of a long-term collaboration between Rousseau Agencement and Colliers International France. Its success is a testament to the confidence placed in our teams and their ability to manage and deliver a major project within a short timeline.

Paris Bastille Paris Bastille
3 months 3 months
120 pieces spread over 22 500 sqm 120 pieces spread over 22 500 sqm