Putting rock’n’roll in the heart of Metz’s new shopping centre!

From vision to missions

The most glamorous rock brand in the fashion sphere called on us to create its new boutique in Metz.

When we were entrusted with the creation of the Zadig & Voltaire boutique in the heart of the Lorraine mall, we immediately grasped what was at stake.

As the boutique is one of the emblematic signs of the Muse shopping centre, voted “best retail development 2017” by the CNCC, we decided to respect the brand’s DNA as much as possible while making the most of the natural light and the centre’s architectural identity.

This audacity allowed us to design the awning by capitalizing on the transparency of the location and its glass side to make it a premium boutique.

And if fashion is an eternal new beginning, the space design also seems to be one. Having worked on the Zadig & Voltaire store in Miramas, this time the project was an opportunity to get closer to the pure atmospheres of luxury brand boutiques. Which we did successfully… and with a touch of rock’n roll and glamour.

Metz Metz
6 weeks 6 weeks
120 sqm 120 sqm