Go green…?


Design of a new workspace layout concept for two Primagaz offices, in collaboration with the customer staff.

Primagaz, the main gaz provider in France, wanted to revise its current concept and adapt it in its offices located in Tours and Lyon. Following an architectural design tender, Espace 4 was selected to carry out this mission.

From design to site layout, our teams were dedicated to design a concept inspired from the new customer strategy, and to co-construct these projects with the Primagaz teams of Lyon and Tours.

The workshops led to the conclusion that the employees had two main priorities for their future workspaces : green spaces in the offices, and the best acoustic comfort for each work space. In order to meet these requirements, Espace 4 teams  introduced a layout solution including acoustic materials, ergonomic furniture, vegetation and natural components.

“Biophilia” was the keyword that structured these two projects : a strong need for employees to reconnect with nature, which contributes to their well-being and which enhance the office spaces.

As a result of this coconstruction :  shared  and semi-open spaces, relaxing areas, restoration places… all these elements spread around a centralized and modular place designed to be used by each employee, and reflecting the company vision and strategy. 

Espace 4 Skill
Lyon Dardilly (69) Lyon Dardilly (69)
12 weeks 12 weeks
1 200 sqm 1 200 sqm