Banking on a Sound Investment to Redesign its Branches

From vision to missions

Reinterpret the brand’s new visual codes to design and redecorate the bank’s branches.

One of Espace 4’s loyal clients, Banque Palatine entrusted us with its New Branch Format (NBF).

The objective? Revise the current concept to be in phase with new banking practices and with the brand’s values of achieving excellence and being modern.

As part of this creative mission’s framework, our teams focused on three issues that were key to the transformation:

  • Integrate the bank’s generalised digital technology using a branch concept that tends towards open, shared and dynamic areas.
  • Reinterpret the brand codes to make the environment more upmarket: use new materials within each branch’s different themed areas, adapt a black-dominated colour code throughout to emphasise the bank’s premium image…
  • Strengthen the brand’s differentiation, by creating a complete change in concept. We highlighted Banque Palatine’s values: excellence, trust, being demanding, art and creativity.

Espace 4 applied this new branch format, providing technical design, manufacturing the furniture and handling all the space design work, in five showcase branches.

Across France Across France
from 150 to 450 sqm from 150 to 450 sqm