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Design conception of Orange « Chambery Italie » workplace, based on a reinterpretation of the brand visual codes , with a touch of local anchoring.

Orange, the leading phone operator in France, called for Espace 4 through a design conception tender, in order to redesign its main workspace in Chambery (Savoie).

From design to interior works, our teams have developed a concept inspired by ORANGE shops architectural codes, in a co-construction approach between Espace 4 team and the staff in place.

In order to achieve this new interior design concept, we developed a “participative space-design” method, based on interactive workshops. 

Future users had the opportunity to choose their own furnitures, the location of working areas, meeting rooms, cafeteria … in one word, create their new work environment.

As a result, a functional, surprising and modern workplace, perfectly integrated in the building frame.

Our graphic designers have also worked to highlight the identity of the City of Chambery with an iconic scuplture of the “foutain of the elephants”.

Chambery Chambery
8 weeks 8 weeks
600 sqm 600 sqm