my Hotel or Restaurant

Do you want to renovate your hotel, tourist residence or restaurant, without closing it ? Thanks to its innovative approach, Espace4 Remodeling team harmonises your concept across well identified spaces for successful remodeling, without impacting the daily lives of your customers, your staff and your residents.
Transform my hotel or restaurant spaces...

The renovation of your etablissment, whether it is a hotel residence or a restaurant, requires a perfect understanding of your operating challenges, your economic environment, and your technical constraints.

Bedrooms and bathrooms, lobbies, kitchen... many spaces whose specific features must be taken into account before any renovation operation.

Our remodeling approach differs from the traditional works approchach associated with renovation operations, and allows us to optimize the duration of our interventions while making them "invisible".

Our expertise allows you to carry out your project while limiting the impact on your operation and the daily life of your customers.

Transform my hotels or my restaurants network...

To extend your renovation project to your various hotel establishments or your restaurant network, Espace 4 Remodeling ensures the deployment of your transformation concept.

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