my health center

You need to renovate your medical or health center, but a closure or a reduction in your activity is not possible ? Espace 4 Remodeling provides you with an intervention solution without complicating the work of your staff and caregivers, and without disrupting the daily lives of your patients and residents.
Renovate your medical spaces...

The renovation of your healthcare establishment - clinic, senior's residence, dental center... - requires an excellent understanding of your work environment and the constraints of your daily activities.

We are convinced that a successfull revitalisation project depends on the satisfaction of the stakeholders : your teams, your patients, our residents... and their families.

Our remodeling approach, which differs from a "traditional" works process, allows to harmonize your concept across well identified spaces, for successfull remodeling.

From design to completion, the revitalisation of your health centre, practice or clinic is carried out with the greatest care : Espace 4 Remodeling teams provide logistics and project planning by integrating direct order companies - medical equipement, fire safety... - and the furniture to install in your transformed spaces.

Roll out my transformation program...

As a specialist of concept deployment, Espace 4 Remodeling supports the transformation of your healthcare center network, such as : dental clinics, ophtalmologic practices, hearing centers, veterinary clinics...

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