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Do you want to transform your office space, renovate your headquarters, or reorganize your work spaces? We can assist you at every stage of your project to adapt your professional spaces, without disrupting the daily life of your business or that of your employees.

Your offices are places synonymous with exchanges, collaboration, but also concentration and confidentiality. These workspaces are organized around the multiple needs and uses of each user.
Reception, private offices, open spaces, meeting rooms, video-conferencing, catering… All these spaces must reflect your corporate image and your values, while being perfectly adapted to the needs and daily expectations of the occupants…

How to transform these spaces without impacting your business? At Espace 4 Remodeling, we are convinced that the renovation of your professional spaces should no longer be approached in a work logic.

Unlike traditional renovation work, we have developed an exclusive assembly solution, dedicated to the different types of tertiary spaces: our teams design, manufacture and transport the technical components and furniture that will allow you to transform your spaces, adapting to the architectural, aesthetic and functional constraints of your site and the different areas to be adapted.

A space transformation solution based on the PLUG N' PLAY principle that allows us to optimize the duration of our interventions, while making them "invisible": while we work, you continue to work!


Do you want to transform or adapt your office space? With its ability to manage volume and optimize a concept, Espace 4 Remodeling works with you to build a structured revitalization program that is perfectly adapted to your needs.
Through a decisive preparation phase and by respecting your operating, time and geographical constraints, Espace 4 Remodeling guarantees you an optimized deployment at all levels.
Thanks to our national network of expert partners in assembly and logistics, and to our program-mode organization, we ensure the "flash transformation" of your spaces according to a rigorous and controlled planning.
You follow the validation of each project in real time, and control the progress of the program.

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