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Do you want to renovate, upgrade or change the concept of your bank agency, of your mutual or insurrance center, or more generally of your establishments open to the public ? Espace 4 Remodeling brings you its expertise in transforming professional spaces, in order to successfully renovate and revitalize your agency while limiting the impact on your activities during our works intervention.
Transform your agency, while preserving your operation

As a major place of customer meeting, exchanges and contact, an agency must reflect your brand and company image and values with a key objective : to favor customer reception.

The renovation, revitalization or interior design upgrade of your agency thus requires a perfect knowledge of your work environment, your reception and operating constraints, your staff way of working... At Espace 4 Remodeling, we are convinced that a successfull agency renovation project translates into the satisfaction of your employees, as well as your customers'.

Our Remodeling approach and process differs from the traditional works approach associated with renovation operations, and allows us to minimize and optimize the duration of our interventions, making them "invisible" : you work while we remodel !

Transform your agencies network...

Thanks to our ability to both handle volume and optimise a concept, at Espace 4 Remodeling we co-build with you a structured revitalisation programme that is perfectly adapted to your requirements. Our teams’ (Project Researchers, Project Managers…) experience in working in occupied sites means we can guarantee that our activity doesn’t impinge on yours.

After our essential preparatory phase, Espace 4 Remodeling can promise that the rollout is optimised at all levels. We respect your requirements for activity, timing and location. To organise our activity, we use a tool that models your complete programme using ‘plug and play’ and creates an ‘assembly sheet’ that is dedicated to serving the performance of your spaces.

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