A development project of clinical precision!


Building on the site’s specific architectural features and adding creative touches to create a unique healthcare facility. A personalized design in the image of the brand while moving away from the codes of the medical world.

Dentelia, a network of dental clinics, wanted to open a new treatment center in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, in an attractive neighborhood for its patients.

For our teams, the challenge was multiple:

  • To develop a neat concept, adapted to both patients and practitioners.
  • To ensure an optimal quality of reception in a relatively small area of 180 m2.
  • To create an attractive, intimate and soothing place to promote patient well-being.
  • To design 6 dental offices, each with its own identity, and finally, to create a comfortable space dedicated to health professionals.

From the outside of the building, our teams wanted to break with the standard codes of medical establishments, with a bias towards openness and transparency. Accompanied by the architects of Bâtiments de France, they thought about the façade as a whole: the choice naturally fell on a wooden façade to underline the authenticity of the place.

Inside the center, we find an atmosphere inspired by the world of the house. The furniture in the reception area was custom-made and installed by ROUSSEAU AGENCEMENT. The technical areas benefit from a well thought-out treatment of the lighting and acoustics for even more comfort. Finally, the area dedicated to the staff has been treated as a place of exchange and relaxation: an informal and fun space to promote team cohesion

Everywhere, quality materials that meet the health requirements of the sector were chosen. And to adapt to the constraints of Parisian real estate, all the spaces were optimized, with particular attention paid to the vertical circulation and transparency of the treatment rooms. So you can have a pleasant time… even at the dentist’s!

Espace 4 Skills
Paris Paris
14 weeks 14 weeks
80 m² 80 m²