Credit Cooperatif

“Co-work” together !


Design a new, dynamic, fun and connected workplace… a brand accelerator for new ideas.

Credit Cooperatif wanted to create a new business incubator dedicated to its members wishing to start a new activity.

From design to site layout, Espace 4 teams have created a dynamic and open concept, based on a “central core” playing a role of idea accelerator.

This first business incubator has been designed by adapting the main architectural elements of Credit Cooperatif agency concept.

Different workplaces are available for the members, and are adapted to various typologies of works : informal spaces, relaxing area, restoration place and meeting points. All of them are “connected” to a central square reflecting the company image and values.

This business incubator has been imagined like a tool for entrepreneurs, which facilitates the development of projects and help them share common values.