Grading… without degrading!


Decline the concept by proposing adapted variants that can be adapted to all agency “formats”.
Context of intervention

Banque Populaire Bourgogne Franche-Comté has a network of 182 branches.

Concerned about the quality of its meeting places, reception areas combining comfort, ergonomics, confidence and confidentiality, the BPBFC was keen to modernize its bank branches.

Thanks to a work of understanding the customer’s needs, our teams have grasped the challenges related to these places of exchange. The Dijon-Valmy site thus prefigures the new development approach of the park.

A renovation program was designed by BPBFC in line with a concept that reflects the group’s values: elegance, openness and proximity. The methods of implementation led our teams to imagine an implementation of the concept adapted to each branch, combining economic optimization, updating and adapting the concept, as well as the values of the brand.

The analysis of the site’s strengths and constraints led us to seek the “right balance” between preserving the existing elements and adapting a quality concept where the client is at the heart of the project.

Interior design of Dijon agency

Close ties with the client enabled our team to ensure that the concept was implemented on the Dijon-Valmy site in a way that met the needs of both users and employees. The development of the site was thought out in “targeted touches”:

The addition of a wood-look floor covering on the existing floor delimits the reception desk and circulation areas.
The new wall panel emphasizes the bank’s visual identity and reflects its values.

The conservation and adaptation of the existing glass partitions brings a natural lighting quality to the partitioned spaces, which creates a sense of comfort for customers and advisors.

The transformation of the self-service area secures the use of ATMs by integrating the external ATM inside the branch.

The result : controlled fit-out costs, reduced downtime, and a design consistent with the rest of the branch network.

Dijon Dijon
4 weeks 4 weeks
150 Sqm 150 Sqm