A Warm and Comfortable Daycare Child’s Play !

From vision to missions

Bring MNH SAE’s new daycare concept to life.

MNH SAE, a major player in hospital daycares in France, was looking for a partner to make its new daycare concept real. Clouds, mountains and the forest are the three themes for children at different ages.

Following a call for tender for both design and execution, our proposal was chosen as being most relevant to the concept MNH SAE had imagined and to their values. Our solution for space design also met the client’s requirements in terms of quality and technical needs.

To confirm its choices, MNH SAE asked us to decorate the pilot site in Lyon’s 6th district. Our ‘early childhood’ team emphasised right from the beginning using innovative materials to meet the requirements of a daycare environment. And the furniture for common areas, designed by us, was manufactured and installed by our Rousseau Agencement subsidiary.

With the pilot project, we were able to appreciate how well our installation fit with the imagined concept, in terms of ergonomics, comfort and complementary areas in the daycare. The concept is well designed and adapts to everyone: daycare personnel, parents… and children!

Lyon Lyon
3 months 3 months
450 sqm 450 sqm