“Yummy !”


Accompanying LA BRIGADE in the fitting out and furnishing of a restaurant in a shopping center, by providing the company with our project management skills, as well as our ability to manage the regulatory and technical constraints associated with this type of operation.

LA BRIGADE, the first French “carnivorous street food” chain, dedicates its cuisine to the love of good meat.
Its trademark? A colorful and warm atmosphere, halfway between a restaurant and home cooking.

To deploy its concept-restaurant imagined by a design firm, LA BRIGADE called upon ESPACE 4 and entrusted our teams with the layout and furniture of its “flagship project” located at La Défense, within the Westfield shopping center.

The challenge? To ensure that the concept was implemented in a 200 m² cell, integrating the architectural and technical constraints inherent in a restaurant project in a 1st category ERP, while respecting the rules of the trade and the “conceptual image” of the project.

To meet this ambitious challenge, our design and implementation project managers were committed to deploying all their project management skills, drawing on their expertise as general contractors and positioning themselves at the heart of the team in charge of the project: the shopping center’s technical manager, the project owner, the design firm, suppliers and subcontractors in charge of the work.

The rigorous organization of the project (planning, recurring control points, management of materials and supplies…) coupled with an excellent cohesion between all the stakeholders associated with the project, allowed the implementation of the concept in the smallest details, from the layout of the room to the kitchen: the teams were able to show flexibility and responsiveness to allow a start and a delivery of the project in the best conditions.

At the end of this atypical realization: a shared satisfaction and the establishment of a lasting relationship of trust between the actors of the project !

La Défense (92) La Défense (92)
10 weeks 10 weeks
200 sqm 200 sqm