Espace 4 Headquarters

A new space for Espace 4


Re-design our offices as a powerful working tool and reflecting the state of mind of our company.

More than a simple refurbishment, this project  has consisted in a complete overhaul of the group’s current offices, from workspace layout to building front.

Like any project, It all started with a vision, a stroke of pen, an idea : re-thinking the office as a place of dialogue and exchange, dedicated to collective intelligence. Our teams, which designed the whole project, deployed each and every possible means to make this vision become reality.

The new dynamics of our company is symnolized by a cantilever glass facade, and interior spaces that break the architectural codes of the building. The office layout is divided between open zones and collective workspaces dedicated to gather several teams around a common project. We believe that this teamwork philosophy makes a strong contribution to our employees development and to our company performance.

The project allowed our teams to create a wide variety of moods meeting each need : differential lighting, height variations, customized furniture, and a quirky signage which reflects our designers’ attention to detail.

As a result, we created a new working tool dedicated to collective work, exchange, advice and sales, for the well-being of our employees as well as our partners and our customers.

Claix (38) Claix (38)
9 months 9 months
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