Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée

“Towards the Horizon… and beyond” with Credit Agricole Atlantique Vendee !


Our Design and Build expertise that helps deploying “human relation-based” bank branches of the new Credit Agricole Atlantique Vendee concept.

Since 2015, Espace 4 contributes, as a General Contractor, to the deployment of Credit Agricole Atlantique Vendee new concept– called “Horizon”. Our teams are in charge of a dozen of branches each year, managing the whole project, from first feasibility drawings up to project handover, including administrative process. 

For this global rollout programm, each agency is refitted per zone, in order to ensure a continuity of service for the staff and their customers.

Our turnkey projects management integrates the hull arrangement and the custom-made furniture, in the strict respect of the concept, as well as the rollout operations.

In accordance with Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendee  concept based on comfortable, luminous and pleasant workplaces, our teams job consist in offering space design solutions that focus on natural daylight, collaborative hospitality rooms, providing the best interior space organization for each agency.

Espace 4 skill
Loire Atlantique and Vendee Loire Atlantique and Vendee
12 to 16 weeks 12 to 16 weeks
350 sqm 350 sqm