Espace 4 Maintenance is one of the leading multispecialist and multisite maintenance providers in the country. Since 1998, our maintenance expertise has covered all specific technical, regulatory, safety and service requirements in point of sale and service networks. Dedicated to you and your portfolio, Espace 4 Maintenance guarantees that your sales spaces function perfectly, actively participating in the development of their your performance.

Maintenance Services for All Your Needs

Whether you need corrective action or an overall maintenance contract, we put our agility at your service. Regulatory visits, site surveys , compliance, advice and technical recommendations, help with budgetary decisions… Our expertise further benefits from effective communication and exchange tools for both our clients and our service providers (web platform, mobile application).

Strong Maintenance Commitments for Increased Serenity

Guaranteeing that your sites run, ensuring the safety of goods and people, optimising your clients and employees’ comfort while contributing to your brand’s image and development… Our dedicated teams are committed to building a tailored service that is adapted to your network and budget and that takes into account your priorities.