Our approach

Managing commercial spaces, a major strategic issue, is becoming increasingly regulated and complex. The Espace 4 Retail teams have developed a shared language that brings together design and construction, to create effective solutions and support you as you develop and run your network.

Anticipate and communicate

Simplification of decision and information-sharing processes: a dedicated client contact, tailored communication materials, online access to monitor your project in real time.

Meeting your needs

We ensure we deliver on budget and on time. We apply the same strict approach to the life cycle of your network and to the consistent roll-out of the concept and maintenance of your network.

Quality is king

Espace 4 Retail’s commitment to quality is translated into our daily activities by the women and men in our workforce.
A socially responsible company, the group is committed to fair client-supplier relations with its partner companies.
Continuous improvement and a culture of innovation are an integral part of the Espace 4 Retail group’s DNA, and contribute to the performance of your organization.